Super Puzzletastic Mysteries: Short Stories for Young Sleuths from Mystery Writers of America

Super Puzzletastic Mysteries: Short Stories for Young Sleuths from Mystery Writers of America

by Chris Grabenstein (Author)

Bestselling author Chris Grabenstein and the Mystery Writers of America bring together twenty peerless puzzles—from bestselling authors such as Peter Lerangis, Stuart Gibbs, Lauren Magaziner, Kate Milford, and, of course, Grabenstein himself—in an anthology of mystery short stories that invite readers to try to unravel the riddles themselves.

From tales of hapless superheroes and stolen squirrel monkeys to murderous triplets and haunted basements, these thrilling, puzzling, and hilarious cases have one thing in common—YOU get a chance to be the detective before the author reveals the solution.

With twenty never-before-published mystery stories, this collection will leave young detectives sleuthing for more!

Dive into the enigmatic world of "Super Puzzletastic Mysteries," a captivating collection of short stories curated by Chris Grabenstein, where young sleuths embark on thrilling adventures filled with puzzles and riddles. These tales, penned by renowned authors from the Mystery Writers of America, are guaranteed to ignite your child's curiosity and challenge their problem-solving skills.

In the pages of this anthology, young readers will encounter a cast of unforgettable characters facing perplexing mysteries that demand their astute observation and analytical thinking. From a missing treasure hunt clue to a puzzling disappearance in a haunted house, each story presents a unique enigma that will keep your child enthralled until the very last page.

Not only will these stories transport your child to a world of excitement and suspense, but they will also nurture their critical thinking and deductive reasoning abilities. As they follow the clues alongside the young detectives, they will learn to pay attention to details, evaluate evidence, and form logical conclusions, fostering a love for problem-solving that extends beyond the pages of this book.

With its diverse range of stories and captivating writing style, "Super Puzzletastic Mysteries" promises hours of entertainment and intellectual stimulation for young readers. Encourage your child to embark on this literary journey and witness their transformation into budding detectives, eager to unravel the secrets that lie within each tale.

Key Features:

  • A collection of short mystery stories tailored for young readers
  • Written by renowned authors from the Mystery Writers of America
  • Engaging puzzles and riddles that challenge young minds
  • Encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and deductive reasoning
  • Promotes a love for reading and mystery

Order your copy of "Super Puzzletastic Mysteries" today and unlock a world of captivating stories and mind-bending puzzles that will keep your child entertained and engaged for hours on end.


384 pages