The Night Before Kindergarten

The Night Before Kindergarten

by Natasha Wing (Author)

'Twas the night before kindergarten,and as they prepared, kids were excited,and a little bit scared.It's the first day of school! Join the kids as they prepare for kindergarten, packing school supplies, posing for pictures, and the hardest part of all--saying goodbye to Mom and Dad. But maybe it won't be so hard once they discover just how much fun kindergarten really is! Colorful illustrations illuminate this uplifting takeoff on the classic Christmas poem.

Journey into the world of "The Night Before Kindergarten" by Natasha Wing, a delightful and reassuring story that captures the emotions and excitement of a child's first day of kindergarten.

With lyrical prose and charming illustrations, this book follows a young child named Lily as she experiences a range of feelings in the lead-up to her first day at kindergarten. From jitters and worries to excitement and anticipation, Lily's journey is relatable and comforting for any child facing this significant milestone.

As Lily prepares for her big day, she goes through a series of relatable routines and activities that resonate with young readers. From packing her lunch and choosing her outfit to saying goodbye to her beloved stuffed animal, Natasha Wing skillfully weaves a tale that mirrors the experiences of many children.

The book's simple yet evocative language creates a vivid and immersive experience for young readers. The illustrations, rendered in soft and warm tones, capture the essence of childhood and add layers of emotional depth to the story. The combination of text and visuals makes "The Night Before Kindergarten" an engaging and enjoyable read for children and adults alike.

Through Lily's journey, Natasha Wing addresses common concerns and anxieties that children may have about starting kindergarten. She portrays the experience as both exciting and manageable, helping to reassure young readers that they are not alone in their feelings and that kindergarten can be a positive and rewarding adventure.

"The Night Before Kindergarten" is a must-have book for parents, teachers, and caregivers who want to help children navigate this important transition. Its gentle and reassuring tone, coupled with its beautiful illustrations, makes it an ideal bedtime story or read-aloud for young children. With its timeless message of courage and resilience, this book will become a cherished favorite in any child's library.


32 pages