First Little Readers Parent Pack: Guided Reading Level B: 25 Irresistible Books That Are Just the Right Level for Beginning Readers

First Little Readers Parent Pack: Guided Reading Level B: 25 Irresistible Books That Are Just the Right Level for Beginning Readers

by Liza Charlesworth (Author)

Jumpstart reading success with this big collection of motivating storybooks correlated with Guided Reading Level B. Most pages of these full-color storybooks feature just one or two lines of simple, repetitive text to help children learn to read with ease and confidence. Includes a tip-filled parent guide. A great value!
Includes these 25 titles:
1. What Jumps?
2. In My Pocket
3. What do Monsters Eat?
4. Animal Crackers
5. Farm Twins
6. The Missing Monster
7. My Meatball
8. Growing Up
9. I Wish I Were a Bird
10. Tiny Things
11. Gingerbread Boy
12. What Flies?
13. Bigger
14. I Like Socks
15. Meet My Baby Brother
16. Come Over
17. Party Shapes
18. The Wheels on the Bus
19. Cloud Pictures
20. Ice Cream Scoops
21. Draw a Cat
22. What Grows on Trees?
23. Halloween
24. Great Hair
25. Clean Up, Clean Up!

For use with Grades PreK-2.

Embark on a captivating reading adventure with "First Little Readers Parent Pack: Guided Reading Level B" by Liza Charlesworth, a treasure trove of 25 irresistible books designed to nurture the love of reading in beginning readers. Tailored specifically for Guided Reading Level B, these books provide a supportive and confidence-building environment for young learners as they take their first steps into the world of independent reading.

Each book in this collection is meticulously crafted to offer a balance of engaging stories, vibrant illustrations, and age-appropriate vocabulary. With simple sentences, repetitive text, and predictable patterns, these books create a sense of accomplishment and motivation for young readers. As they navigate through the pages, they encounter delightful characters, explore new concepts, and develop essential reading skills.

The "First Little Readers Parent Pack" is not just a collection of books; it's a comprehensive learning system designed to involve parents and caregivers in the reading journey. With each book, you'll find discussion questions, activities, and tips to help you engage your child in meaningful conversations about the story. These interactive elements foster a deeper understanding of the text, promote critical thinking skills, and create cherished bonding moments between you and your child.

As your child progresses through the Guided Reading Level B books, they'll gradually build their reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Each book provides opportunities to practice sight words, phonics, and basic grammar, while also exposing them to diverse genres and captivating themes. With every successful read, your child's confidence grows, fueling their enthusiasm for reading and setting the stage for a lifelong love of literature.

So, join Liza Charlesworth on this extraordinary reading expedition with the "First Little Readers Parent Pack: Guided Reading Level B." Immerse your child in a world of colorful stories and watch them transform into confident and enthusiastic readers, ready to tackle any reading challenge that comes their way.


144 pages