Dead Wednesday

Dead Wednesday

by Jerry Spinelli (Author)

Can playing dead bring you back to life? Maybe only on Dead Wednesday… On this day the worlds of a shy boy and a gone girl collide, and the connection they make will change them both forever. A brilliant new novel from the Newbery Medal winner and author of the New York Times bestseller Stargirl. "Jerry Spinelli has created another middle grade masterpiece." BookPage, starred review On Dead Wednesday, every eighth grader in Amber Springs is assigned the name and identity of a teenager who died a preventable death in the past year. The kids don black shirts and for the whole day everyone in town pretends they're invisible—as if they weren't even there. The adults think it will make them contemplate their mortality. The kids know it's a free pass to get away with anything. Worm Tarnauer feels invisible every day. He's perfectly happy being the unnoticed sidekick of his friend Eddie. So he's not expecting Dead Wednesday to feel that different. But he didn't count on being assigned Becca Finch (17, car crash). And he certainly didn't count on Becca showing up to boss him around! Letting this girl into his head is about to change everything. This is the story of the unexpected, heartbreaking, hilarious, truly epic day when Worm Tarnauer discovers his own life.

In the captivating pages of "Dead Wednesday" by Jerry Spinelli, we encounter a captivating tale that unravels the mysteries surrounding a peculiar Wednesday in the quaint town of Maniac Magee.

The story unfolds through the eyes of two unlikely friends, Line and Webster, who find themselves caught in a web of intrigue when Mr. Benn, the school principal, mysteriously disappears on a seemingly ordinary Wednesday.

As Line and Webster embark on their quest to unravel the disappearance, they encounter a cast of quirky characters, each with their own unique quirks and secrets. From the eccentric Miss Blackburn, who seems to possess an uncanny ability to see into the future, to the elusive Dead End Gang, whose reputation precedes them, the town of Maniac Magee becomes a stage for a series of puzzling events.

As Line and Webster delve deeper into the mystery, they uncover a series of strange occurrences that seem to defy explanation. Is Mr. Benn's disappearance connected to the eerie fog that has enveloped the town? Or is there a more sinister force at play?

With each twist and turn, "Dead Wednesday" weaves a tapestry of suspense and intrigue, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they race alongside Line and Webster to uncover the truth.

Join Line and Webster on their extraordinary journey as they navigate a world of hidden clues, unexpected revelations, and unlikely alliances. Discover the secrets that lie beneath the surface of Maniac Magee and unravel the mystery of Dead Wednesday.