Great Circle: the dazzling, instant New York Times bestseller

Great Circle: the dazzling, instant New York Times bestseller

by Maggie Shipstead (Author)

INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER'Smart, ambitious and so beautifully written. An amazing literary feat' CURTIS SITTENFELD'Epic in spirit and scope. A soaring masterclass' TELEGRAPH (five stars)_______________________I WAS BORN TO BE A WANDERERFrom the night she is rescued as a baby out of the flames of a sinking ship; to the day she joins a pair of daredevil pilots looping and diving over the rugged forests of her childhood, to the thrill of flying Spitfires during the war, the life of Marian Graves has always been marked by a lust for freedom and danger.In 1950, she embarks on the great circle flight, circumnavigating the globe. It is Marian's life dream and her final journey, before she disappears without a trace.Half a century later, Hadley Baxter, a brilliant, troubled Hollywood starlet is irresistibly drawn to play Marian Graves, a role that will lead her to probe the deepest mysteries of the vanished pilot's life.An enthralling journey over oceans and continents and a drama of exhilarating power, GREAT CIRCLE is perfect for book clubs and fans of William Boyd and Donna Tartt._________________________________________'Gripping' SUNDAY TIMES'Extraordinary' NEW YORK TIMES'One of the most hotly anticipated books of the spring' MARIELLA FROSTRUP

Immerse yourself in the enthralling pages of "Great Circle," the captivating novel by Maggie Shipstead that has taken the literary world by storm. This extraordinary tale transports you on a breathtaking journey through time and continents, following the intertwined destinies of two extraordinary women: Marian Graves, a pioneering female aviator in the 1920s, and Hadley Baxter, a modern-day actress who portrays Marian in a biopic.

Marian Graves, with her unwavering determination and audacious spirit, sets her sights on achieving the impossible. She yearns to conquer the skies, to traverse vast oceans and uncharted territories, leaving an enduring legacy as a fearless aviatrix. As she embarks on her daring solo flight around the globe, peril and adventure await her at every turn.

Centuries later, Hadley Baxter, an acclaimed actress grappling with the complexities of fame and her own personal struggles, finds herself drawn to the enigmatic life of Marian Graves. As she delves deeper into Marian's story, Hadley becomes captivated by the aviator's unwavering resolve and the extraordinary challenges she faced. The boundaries between past and present begin to blur as Hadley's portrayal of Marian takes on a profound significance, leading her on a quest for self-discovery and a deeper understanding of her own life.

"Great Circle" is a symphony of storytelling, weaving together the narratives of these two remarkable women. Maggie Shipstead paints a vivid tapestry of historical and contemporary settings, taking readers on a global odyssey that spans decades. With exquisite prose and an uncanny ability to capture the essence of human experience, Shipstead crafts a novel that is both sweeping in scope and deeply intimate.

Prepare to be swept away by the allure of "Great Circle." This captivating tale of two women defying convention and pursuing their dreams will leave you spellbound from the first page to the last. Get lost in the extraordinary world Maggie Shipstead has created, where the boundaries of time and circumstance dissolve, and the human spirit soars to unimaginable heights.