The Christmas Wedding Guest: A Novel

The Christmas Wedding Guest: A Novel

by Susan Mallery (Author)

“This two-in-one romance starts a new series that Mallery’s many fans will devour like a Christmas cookie.”—Booklist

Susan Mallery, author of the Fool’s Gold romances, cheerfully invites you to Wishing Tree, where Christmas comes to life…

The Somerville sisters believe in love, but they’ve lost faith it will happen for them. Reggie hasn’t been home since the end of the world’s shortest engagement. When her parents decide to renew their vows, she buffs up her twinkle to help with the Christmas wedding. Unexpectedly, Toby, her first love, is back too, and the spark between them shines as brightly as ever. In the spirit of the season, will they let go of past hurts and greet the New Year together?

Done waiting for the one, Dena is pregnant and on her own—on purpose. But then a gorgeous, sad-eyed songwriter checks in to a room at her inn. Micah, unable to write since he lost his wife, finds inspiration in Dena’s determination to be a mom. One snowflake-speckled kiss and he’s a goner. But Dena is afraid to believe that a rock star could fall for a cookie-cutter small-town girl like her.

As the Christmas wedding draws closer, these two sisters just might unwrap the most treasured gift of all—love.

Journey to the picturesque town of Wishing Tree, Colorado, where love is in the air and Christmas magic is just a wish away in Susan Mallery's heartwarming novel, "The Christmas Wedding Guest." Follow the lives of three women whose paths intertwine during the most wonderful time of the year, leading to unexpected connections, laughter, and love.

Meet Frankie, a talented wedding planner with a heart of gold. When she's hired to organize the grandest Christmas wedding the town has ever seen, she finds herself caught between the demands of her job and the irresistible charm of the groom's brother, Ben. As the wedding day approaches, Frankie's world is turned upside down by a series of unexpected events.

Meanwhile, there's Ivy, a single mother struggling to make ends meet. Her life takes a delightful turn when she stumbles upon a mysterious Christmas wish list. Determined to bring joy to the anonymous author, Ivy sets out on a quest that leads her to discover the true meaning of the holiday season.

And then there's Glory, a successful businesswoman who returns to Wishing Tree after years away. Haunted by a painful past, she finds solace in the company of a charming bookstore owner, Jack. As they navigate their newfound feelings, Glory must confront her fears and embrace the chance for a second chance at love.

"The Christmas Wedding Guest" is a charming and heartwarming tale that celebrates the magic of Christmas, the power of love, and the importance of second chances. Dive into this enchanting novel and let Susan Mallery's storytelling transport you to a world where dreams come true and love triumphs over adversity.


432 pages