Goodnight Tractor: A Goodnight Baby Book for Fans of Farming and the Construction Site! (Goodnight Series)

Goodnight Tractor: A Goodnight Baby Book for Fans of Farming and the Construction Site! (Goodnight Series)

by Michelle Robinson (Author)

Another fun day of play turns to quiet goodnights at the farm in this sweet and gentle bedtime book for baby and toddler that will create warm memories for all.Follow along as you say night night to everything from the plow and combine, to the pigs in the pen. Can you spot each piece of machinery and animal as you go? This bedtime book is perfect for farm equipment enthusiasts, John Deere fans, or anyone who loves farm animal stories as they count sheep, heading off to sleep.Goodnight farmer. Goodnight plow.Goodnight trailer. Goodnight cow.Goodnight dog, and goodnight sheep...Goodnight Tractor,time to sleep.Perfect for children who love the farm and big trucks and tractors!Calming rhyme perfect for quiet bedtime routines with family. The perfect read-aloudFun, engaging art that's sure to make this a classic beloved by generationsFor fans of Goodnight Moon and Goodnight, Goodnight Construction SiteWhat parents and grandparents are saying:It has become a nightly staple at bedtime. Highly recommended.If your little one loves tractors or farms, they will love this book!Absolute favorite bedtime book in this house for an automobile loving 19-month old!

Goodnight Tractor: A Bedtime Story for Future Farmers

In the tranquil glow of the setting sun, little ones embark on a soothing journey with their favorite tractor in "Goodnight Tractor." This charming Goodnight Baby Book, crafted by Michelle Robinson, captivates young readers with its rhythmic prose and enchanting illustrations.

As the day draws to a close, the text lulls children to sleep, describing how the tractor, weary from a day's work, bids farewell to the fields and farm animals. The words, like a gentle caress, assure the little ones that their beloved tractor is now resting, tucked in for the night, and dreaming of tomorrow's adventures.

Michelle Robinson's enchanting illustrations, bursting with vibrant colors and intricate details, bring the story to life. From the rolling hills of the farm to the cozy barn where the tractor slumbers, each page is a visual feast that captures the imagination and invites readers to immerse themselves in the idyllic world of the farm.

"Goodnight Tractor" is not just a bedtime story; it's an ode to the unsung heroes of the countryside—the tractors that toil tirelessly to bring food to our tables. It's a celebration of the bond between children and the machines that fascinate them, a bond forged through curiosity and shared experiences.

Parents reading "Goodnight Tractor" to their little ones will find themselves transported back to their own childhood dreams of wide-open fields and the allure of farm life. They'll share in their children's excitement as they discover the wonders of the farm and the importance of the machines that work tirelessly to keep it running.

As the story reaches its end, readers are left with a sense of peace and contentment. The tractor, now fully rested, awaits the morning when it will once again embark on its daily tasks, accompanied by the joyful laughter of children who love and appreciate its unwavering service.