Blind Tiger

Blind Tiger

by Sandra Brown (Author)

With a “knack for romantic tension and page-turning suspense, this one is a winner.” The year 1920 comes in with a roar in this rousing and suspenseful New York Times bestselling novel by Sandra Brown. Prohibition is the new law of the land, but murder, mayhem, lust, and greed are already institutions in the Moonshine Capitol of Texas (Booklist, starred review).

Thatcher Hutton, a war-weary soldier on the way back to his cowboy life, jumps from a moving freight train to avoid trouble . . . and lands in more than he bargained for. On the day he arrives in Foley, Texas, a local woman goes missing. Thatcher, the only stranger in town, is suspected of her abduction, and worse. Standing between him and exoneration are a corrupt mayor, a crooked sheriff, a notorious cathouse madam, a sly bootlegger, feuding moonshiners . . . and a young widow whose soft features conceal an iron will.
What was supposed to be a fresh start for Laurel Plummer turns to tragedy. Left destitute but determined to dictate her own future, Laurel plunges into the lucrative regional industry, much to the dislike of the good ol’ boys, who have ruled supreme. Her success quickly makes her a target for cutthroat competitors, whose only code of law is reprisal. As violence erupts, Laurel and—now deputy—Thatcher find themselves on opposite sides of a moonshine war, where blood flows as freely as whiskey.

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In the heart of Prohibition-era New York City, a woman named Daisy Prohibition struggles to survive in a world ruled by corrupt politicians, ruthless gangsters, and dangerous bootleggers. Based on Sandra Brown's captivating novel, "Blind Tiger," Daisy finds herself caught in a web of deceit and danger as she navigates the treacherous underworld of illegal alcohol trafficking.

With a dream of a better life, Daisy Prohibition leaves her small town and ventures into the vibrant streets of New York City, only to discover a world marred by violence, corruption, and moral decay. As she witnesses the devastating effects of alcohol abuse firsthand, Daisy becomes determined to make a difference, even if it means risking her own life.

When Daisy's path crosses with that of Johnny Blades, a notorious bootlegger with a dark past, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to his enigmatic charm and troubled soul. Yet, she remains cautious, knowing that Johnny's world is fraught with peril. As they become entangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the authorities and rival gangs, Daisy must decide whether to trust her instincts and follow her heart or play it safe in a city where loyalty and betrayal are two sides of the same coin.

Sandra Brown masterfully weaves a tale of love, betrayal, and redemption in "Blind Tiger." With her signature blend of heart-stopping suspense and emotional depth, Brown brings to life a cast of unforgettable characters and immerses readers in a vivid and gritty depiction of New York City during the Roaring Twenties. "Blind Tiger" is a gripping and thought-provoking read that explores the consequences of unchecked desires and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


512 pages