Heart & Brain by the Awkward Yeti 2022 Box Calendar, Daily Desktop

Heart & Brain by the Awkward Yeti 2022 Box Calendar, Daily Desktop

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Meet me at the intersection of adult responsibilities and utter nonsense. Brain's practical reality is often no match for Heart's unabashed optimism, and it's their divergent tendencies and general affection for each other that make Heart and Brain the relatable stars of Nick Seluk's popular website, TheAwkwardYeti.com. Full-color images on easy tear-off pages are printed on high quality, FSC certified paper with soy-based inks. Pages are mounted on a 5.25"x 6" recyclable plastic stand for easy display. All major public and culturally significant holidays are included.

Heart & Brain 2022 Box Calendar: Daily Desktop is a delightful and thought-provoking companion for your desk or workspace. With its charming illustrations and insightful quotes, this calendar will add a touch of whimsy and inspiration to your daily routine.

Created by the talented cartoonist known as the Awkward Yeti, this calendar features the lovable characters Heart and Brain, who represent the emotional and logical sides of our inner selves. Through their witty and relatable interactions, Heart and Brain explore the complexities of human emotions and the challenges of navigating life's ups and downs.

Each day, the calendar presents a new comic strip featuring Heart and Brain, along with a thought-provoking quote that encourages reflection and personal growth. The illustrations are simple yet expressive, capturing the nuances of human emotion with humor and insight. The quotes are carefully selected to resonate with a wide range of experiences and perspectives, offering a fresh perspective on life's challenges and triumphs.

The Heart & Brain 2022 Box Calendar is more than just a timekeeper; it's a daily source of inspiration and self-discovery. Whether you're starting your day, taking a break, or winding down in the evening, this calendar will provide a moment of levity, reflection, and connection with your inner self.

With its compact size and sturdy construction, this calendar is perfect for any desk or workspace. It's a wonderful gift for yourself or for someone special who appreciates humor, creativity, and the beauty of human connection.