You Are Home with Me (Animal Families)

You Are Home with Me (Animal Families)

by Sarah Asper-Smith (Author)

Perfect for fans of Guess How Much I Love You, this endearing picture book introduces young children to the homes of a variety of animals.From the author and illustrator of the popular I Would Tuck You In, explore the many ways that animals create a habitat for their young in this charming picture book, filled with baby animals and their parents. A polar bear carves out a den in a snowbank to keep its cub warm. A tufted puffin digs out a burrow to shelter its young on a cliff near the sea. A lynx makes a shelter under a fallen tree to snuggle with its kitten. Young children will learn all about these animals and more, as each spread also includes a short piece of nonfiction about each creature. Lovingly illustrated and lyrically written, this is the second children's book written and illustrated by the husband-and-wife artist and author team Mitchell Watley and Sarah Asper-Smith.

Dive into the Warmth of Animal Families in "You Are Home with Me" by Sarah Asper-Smith: A Journey of Love and Togetherness

In the realm of children's literature, "You Are Home with Me" by Sarah Asper-Smith stands as a heartwarming celebration of family bonds and the love shared between animals and their young ones. Through captivating illustrations and lyrical prose, this book takes readers on an enchanting journey into the lives of diverse animal families, fostering a sense of compassion and appreciation for the beauty of nature.

As you embark on this literary adventure, you'll encounter a loving elephant family, where the baby elephant finds solace and security in the embrace of its mother. The pages come alive with the playful antics of lion cubs, showcasing the tender care and guidance provided by their parents. The story also highlights the unwavering devotion of a devoted penguin family, enduring the harshness of the Antarctic landscape together.

"You Are Home with Me" beautifully captures the essence of familial love and unity. The author's skillful storytelling and vivid illustrations bring each animal family to life, allowing young readers to connect with the emotions and experiences of these creatures. The book's message of love and belonging resonates deeply, fostering a sense of empathy and understanding for the natural world.

With its heartwarming narrative and stunning visuals, "You Are Home with Me" is a must-read for children of all ages. Perfect for bedtime stories or as a shared reading experience, this book promises to create lasting memories and inspire a lifelong love for animals and the environment.

Get your copy of "You Are Home with Me" today and embark on a journey of love, family, and the wonders of the animal kingdom.


22 pages