The Mystery of Mrs. Christie: A Novel

The Mystery of Mrs. Christie: A Novel

by Marie Benedict (Author)

An instant New York Times and USA Today best seller!

"A deft, fascinating page-turner replete with richly drawn characters and plot twists that would stump Hercule Poirot." (Kate Quinn, New York Times best-selling author of The Alice Network, The Huntress, and The Rose Code)

The New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of The Only Woman in the Room returns with a thrilling reconstruction of one of the most notorious events in literary history: Agatha Christie's mysterious 11-day disappearance in 1926.

In December 1926, Agatha Christie goes missing. Investigators find her empty car on the edge of a deep, gloomy pond, the only clues some tire tracks nearby and a fur coat left in the car - strange for a frigid night. Her World War I veteran husband and her daughter have no knowledge of her whereabouts, and England unleashes an unprecedented manhunt to find the up-and-coming mystery author. Eleven days later, she reappears, just as mysteriously as she disappeared, claiming amnesia and providing no explanations for her time away.

The puzzle of those missing 11 days has persisted. With her trademark historical fiction exploration into the shadows of the past, acclaimed author Marie Benedict brings us into the world of Agatha Christie, imagining why such a brilliant woman would find herself at the center of such murky historical mysteries.

What is real, and what is mystery? What role did her unfaithful husband play, and what was he not telling investigators?

Agatha Christie novels have withstood the test of time, due in no small part to Christie's masterful storytelling and clever mind that may never be matched, but Agatha Christie's untold history offers perhaps her greatest mystery of all.

Discover the Enigmatic Tale of "The Mystery of Mrs. Christie" by Marie Benedict: A Journey into the Disappearance of Agatha Christie

In the realm of mystery and intrigue, there lies a captivating narrative that has captivated readers worldwide - "The Mystery of Mrs. Christie" by Marie Benedict. This captivating novel delves into the enigmatic disappearance of the renowned crime writer, Agatha Christie, in 1926.

Marie Benedict masterfully weaves a tale that blends historical fact with fictional exploration, offering a compelling glimpse into the life and mind of the legendary author. As readers embark on this literary journey, they are transported to the heart of the mystery surrounding Christie's eleven-day absence.

With meticulous research and vivid storytelling, Benedict paints a portrait of Agatha Christie as a complex and multifaceted woman, struggling with personal and creative turmoil. The novel delves into the depths of her marriage, her struggles with depression, and the intense creative process that birthed her iconic detective, Hercule Poirot.

"The Mystery of Mrs. Christie" is a gripping exploration of the human psyche, examining the intricate relationship between art and life. Benedict skillfully weaves together multiple perspectives, including those of Christie's family, friends, and even her fictional creation, Hercule Poirot, to unravel the enigma of her disappearance.

As the narrative unfolds, readers are invited to question their assumptions and delve into the complexities of Christie's inner world. The novel offers a unique lens through which to appreciate Christie's remarkable literary achievements and gain a deeper understanding of her enigmatic personality.

With its intricate plot, evocative prose, and thought-provoking themes, "The Mystery of Mrs. Christie" is a must-read for поклонников of historical fiction, mystery, and the enduring legacy of Agatha Christie. Immerse yourself in this compelling tale and unravel the secrets that lie hidden within the pages.