The Passing Playbook

The Passing Playbook

by Isaac Fitzsimons (Author)

Love, Simon meets Bend It Like Beckham in this feel-good contemporary romance about a trans athlete who must decide between fighting for his right to play and staying stealth.“A sharply observant and vividly drawn debut. I loved every minute I spent in this story, and I’ve never rooted harder for a jock in my life.” – New York Times bestselling author Becky Albertalli Fifteen-year-old Spencer Harris is a proud nerd, an awesome big brother, and a David Beckham in training. He's also transgender. After transitioning at his old school leads to a year of isolation and bullying, Spencer gets a fresh start at Oakley, the most liberal private school in Ohio. At Oakley, Spencer seems to have it all: more accepting classmates, a decent shot at a starting position on the boys' soccer team, great new friends, and maybe even something more than friendship with one of his teammates. The problem is, no one at Oakley knows Spencer is trans—he's passing. But when a discriminatory law forces Spencer's coach to bench him, Spencer has to make a choice: cheer his team on from the sidelines or publicly fight for his right to play, even though it would mean coming out to everyone—including the guy he's falling for.

The Passing Playbook: Master the Art of Attacking Soccer

In "The Passing Playbook," Isaac Fitzsimons presents a comprehensive guide to attacking soccer, with a particular focus on passing strategies and techniques. This book is essential reading for players, coaches, and fans who want to improve their understanding of the beautiful game.

Fitzsimons begins by laying out the fundamentals of passing, including the different types of passes, the importance of body position and technique, and how to read the game to make effective passes. He then delves into more advanced concepts, such as combination play, switching the point of attack, and creating scoring chances through passing.

Throughout the book, Fitzsimons uses clear and concise language to explain complex concepts. He also provides numerous diagrams and illustrations to help readers visualize the key points. In addition, he includes interviews with top coaches and players, who share their insights on passing and attacking soccer.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, "The Passing Playbook" has something to offer. This book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to improve their passing skills and become a more effective attacking player.

Key Features of "The Passing Playbook":

  • Comprehensive coverage of passing strategies and techniques
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of complex concepts
  • Numerous diagrams and illustrations
  • Interviews with top coaches and players
  • Suitable for players, coaches, and fans of all levels


304 pages