The Twelfth Imam

The Twelfth Imam

by Joel C. Rosenberg (Author)

Book 1 in the best-selling 3-book espionage and spy thriller series that has sold 700,000 copies!“Rosenberg is the go-to novelist for Christian political fiction.”—Publishers WeeklyThe Twelfth Imam is the first novel of a new political thriller series by Joel C. Rosenberg, the New York Times bestselling author of the award-winning Last Jihad series. Rosenberg takes you inside a world few will ever enter. Hold on to your seat—the twists and turns never stop coming.Tensions are rising in the Middle East. Irans president vows to annihilate the United States and Israel. Israels prime minister says someone must hit Irans nuclear sites “before its too late.” The American president warns against a preemptive strike on Irans nuclear facilities and says negotiations are the key to finding peace.And amid it all, rumors are swirling throughout the region of a mysterious religious cleric claiming to be the Islamic messiah known as the Mahdi or the Twelfth Imam. Word of his miracles, healings, signs, and wonders is spreading like wildfire.CIA operative David Shirazi was born for this moment. He is recruited and sent into Tehran with one objective: use all means necessary to disrupt Irans nuclear weapons program, without leaving American fingerprints and without triggering an apocalyptic new war.A native Farsi speaker whose family escaped from Iran in 1979, he couldnt be better prepared for the mission. But none of his training has prepared Shirazi for what will happen next.

In Joel C. Rosenberg's captivating thriller, "The Twelfth Imam," readers are transported to a world of intrigue, suspense, and spiritual awakening. Set against the backdrop of a rapidly changing Middle East, this novel delves into the complexities of faith, power, and the clash of civilizations.

The story revolves around a group of diverse characters, each with their own unique motivations and beliefs. At the center of the narrative is Michael Bennett, a former U.S. intelligence officer who is drawn into a dangerous conspiracy involving the reappearance of the Twelfth Imam, a messianic figure revered by Shia Muslims.

As Michael investigates a series of mysterious events, he crosses paths with powerful figures from the world of politics, religion, and intelligence agencies. He soon realizes that the reappearance of the Twelfth Imam is not just a religious matter, but a geopolitical powder keg with the potential to ignite a global conflict.

Throughout the story, Joel C. Rosenberg weaves together multiple plotlines, exploring themes of religious extremism, political corruption, and the pursuit of truth in a world filled with deception. The novel offers a thought-provoking examination of the clash between different faiths and ideologies, while keeping readers on the edge of their seats with its fast-paced action and gripping suspense.

"The Twelfth Imam" is a must-read for fans of political thrillers, religious mysteries, and anyone interested in the intricate dynamics of the Middle East. With its explosive plot, well-developed characters, and insightful commentary on the current state of the world, this book promises an unforgettable reading experience.