by Raina Telgemeier (Author)

A true story from Raina Telgemeier, the #1 New York Timesbestselling, multiple Eisner Award-winning author of Smile, Sisters, Drama, and Ghosts!

Raina wakes up one night with a terrible upset stomach. Her mom has one, too, so it's probably just a bug. Raina eventually returns to school, where she's dealing with the usual highs and lows: friends, not-friends, and classmates who think the school year is just one long gross-out session. It soon becomes clear that Raina's tummy trouble isn't going away... and it coincides with her worries about food, school, and changing friendships. What's going on?Raina Telgemeier once again brings us a thoughtful, charming, and funny true story about growing up and gathering the courage to face -- and conquer -- her fears.

In "Guts" by Raina Telgemeier, we follow the story of a young girl named Raina who struggles with anxiety and stomach problems. As she navigates the ups and downs of middle school, Raina must learn to cope with her fears and insecurities while also dealing with the challenges of growing up.

Through Raina's relatable experiences, Telgemeier shines a light on the importance of mental health and self-acceptance. With her signature humor and heartfelt storytelling, she reminds us that we're not alone in our struggles and that it's okay to ask for help when we need it.

Raina's journey is both inspiring and empowering, and it's sure to resonate with readers of all ages. "Guts" is a must-read for anyone who has ever felt anxious, insecure, or alone. It's a reminder that we're all connected and that together, we can overcome anything.

In addition to its compelling storyline, "Guts" is also notable for its beautiful illustrations. Telgemeier's artwork is expressive and full of life, and it brings Raina's story to life in a truly unique way. The combination of Telgemeier's writing and artwork makes "Guts" a truly unforgettable read.

If you're looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry, and think, then "Guts" is the perfect choice for you. It's a powerful and moving story that will stay with you long after you finish reading it.


224 pages