The Girl with the Louding Voice: A Novel

The Girl with the Louding Voice: A Novel

by Abi Daré (Author)



“Brave, fresh . . . unforgettable.”The New York Times Book Review

“A celebration of girls who dare to dream.”—Imbolo Mbue, author of Behold the Dreamers (Oprah’s Book Club pick)
Shortlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize and recommended by The New York TimesMarie ClaireVogueEssence, PopSugar, Daily Mail, Electric LiteratureRed, Stylist, Daily Kos, Library Journal, The Everygirl, and Read It Forward!

The unforgettable, inspiring story of a teenage girl growing up in a rural Nigerian village who longs to get an education so that she can find her “louding voice” and speak up for herself, The Girl with the Louding Voice is a simultaneously heartbreaking and triumphant tale about the power of fighting for your dreams.  Despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in her path, Adunni never loses sight of her goal of escaping the life of poverty she was born into so that she can build the future she chooses for herself – and help other girls like her do the same.  Her spirited determination to find joy and hope in even the most difficult circumstances imaginable will “break your heart and then put it back together again” (Jenna Bush Hager on The Today Show) even as Adunni shows us how one courageous young girl can inspire us all to reach for our dreams…and maybe even change the world.

In the heart of a small Nigerian village, we meet Adunni, a fourteen-year-old girl with an indomitable spirit and a powerful voice. Stripped of her innocence and forced into an arranged marriage with a cruel man old enough to be her grandfather, Adunni's life takes a tragic turn. But amidst the darkness, she finds solace in the written word and discovers a hidden talent for storytelling.

With unwavering determination, Adunni embarks on a remarkable journey to reclaim her life and break free from the bonds of oppression. Through the power of education and the support of newfound friends, she learns to navigate the complexities of a society marred by poverty, corruption, and injustice. As she fights for her own liberation, Adunni becomes a beacon of hope for countless other girls trapped in similar circumstances.

Abi Daré's "The Girl with the Louding Voice" is a poignant and inspiring novel that sheds light on the plight of young girls in rural Nigeria and the transformative power of education. Adunni's journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of fighting for one's dreams, no matter how daunting the obstacles may seem.

With its vivid storytelling and unforgettable characters, "The Girl with the Louding Voice" has captured the hearts of readers worldwide. It is a powerful reminder of the injustices faced by girls in many parts of the world and a call to action for change. Through Adunni's story, Daré challenges us to confront the realities of gender inequality and to work towards a world where every girl has the opportunity to reach her full potential.


379 pages