Mystery of the Power Words: Speak the Words That Move Mountains and Make Hell Tremble

Mystery of the Power Words: Speak the Words That Move Mountains and Make Hell Tremble

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Speak the words that make hell tremble! 

There are timeless words, straight from the Scripture, that - when spoken and applied - paralyze the devil and cause accelerated supernatural shift. These words defeat demonic powers, heal disease, accelerate financial increase, overcome temptation, and demolish strongholds. These are the power words… and satan is absolutely intent on removing them from the believer’s vocabulary. 

It’s time to open our mouths and release the thunder of Heaven!

Kevin Zadai, bestselling author of Praying from the Heavenly Realms and The Agenda of Angels, was taken behind the heavenly veil where the Lord revealed to him certain power words that can release the power of Heaven and bind the strategies of hell. 

These powerful words include: The Blood - Repentance - New Covenant - Kingdom Dominion - The Fear of the Lord - Resurrection Power - Holy Fire - Visitation - Habitation - Divine Prosperity and many more!

Mystery of the Power Words will help you…
  • Understand the pathways for walking out your destiny on Earth.
  • Access the battle strategies of Heaven that reveal God’s intent for your life.
  • Decode the veil of secrecy that surrounds the power words God wants you to understand and boldly speak.
  • Clearly discern God’s will for you and your family.
  • Identify and defeat the enemies of your advancement.
  • Establish a link between praying in tongues and walking in Kingdom dominion.
All of Heaven is waiting for you to release these supernatural words. Wield the power of the tongue for the sake of the Kingdom. Decree and declare words of victory over your life today!

Embark on a transformative journey with "Mystery of the Power Words: Speak the Words That Move Mountains and Make Hell Tremble," a profound guide to unlocking the immense power of words.

In this enlightening book, the author unveils the hidden potency embedded within specific words and phrases, empowering you to wield them effectively. Discover how words can influence your thoughts, emotions, and actions, shaping your reality in remarkable ways.

Through engaging storytelling and practical exercises, you'll delve into the art of harnessing the energy of words. Learn to identify and utilize power words that resonate deeply with your aspirations and intentions, amplifying their impact on your life.

Embrace the transformative potential of positive affirmations, mantras, and incantations. Understand how these verbal expressions can reprogram your subconscious mind, attracting abundance, healing, and fulfillment into your life.

Uncover the secrets of ancient wisdom traditions that revered the power of words. Explore how sacred texts, chants, and prayers have been used throughout history to invoke change, transcend limitations, and connect with higher realms of consciousness.

With "Mystery of the Power Words," you'll gain an invaluable toolkit for harnessing the transformative power of words. Speak the words that move mountains, ignite your passions, and awaken your true potential. Step into a world where your words become the architects of your destiny.


336 pages
January 19, 2021