A Throne Of Feathers and Bone (The Honey and Ice Series)

A Throne Of Feathers and Bone (The Honey and Ice Series)

by Kelly St Clare (Author)

Chosen. Framed by my father’s murderer. Running from the fae courts. Fated to never touch the man who sets my blood on fire.Life was looking up for me not long ago. Now, it’s looking all the way down. This latest shitstorm? Yeah, it takes the cake and the beetroot tickle.The father who shunned me from birth lays cold and dead. The courts are in turmoil and after blood. My blood. I need to find his killer, yet that mystery pales in comparison to the madness crushing fae in its giant grip.I’m desperate to find the door to Underhill before true anarchy descends. The answers I seek are on the other side, I’m sure of it.With two gifted swords, a magic shield, some finnicky power, and dubious spirit for company, I must locate the path to our native realm again. And if I can manage that while resisting the Unseelie fae stalking my every footstep, then all the better.But I am part human after all.If you can’t get enough of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Sarah J. Mass, Holly Black or Elise Kova, you will love this journey into the fae world where impossible love and an explosive story will leave you breathless for more!

In "A Throne of Feathers and Bone", the second book of the captivating "Honey and Ice Series" by Kelly St Clare, we embark on a journey with Elara Tallia, a woman who is caught between two worlds - the one she once knew and the realm of the Sidhe. Having been abducted by the Seelie Court, Elara finds herself unable to return home, trapped in a world of magic and danger.

As Elara struggles to adjust to her new life in the Sidhe realm, she discovers that the world is not as straightforward as she had initially thought. She finds herself caught in a web of political intrigue, forbidden love, and the ancient prophecy that binds her to the land. Elara must navigate a treacherous path, where every choice she makes has far-reaching consequences.

Her connection with the ice prince, Caden, deepens, and their relationship is tested as they navigate the challenges of their different worlds. Elara's empathy for the Sidhe people grows as she learns more about their history and culture, and she begins to understand the complexities of the Sidhe realm.

"A Throne of Feathers and Bone" is a captivating tale that blends elements of fantasy, romance, and adventure. With its intricate world-building, relatable characters, and a plot that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, this book is sure to leave readers enthralled from beginning to end.

Dive into the pages of "A Throne of Feathers and Bone" and immerse yourself in a world where love, destiny, and the clash of two realms intertwine. Experience the journey of Elara Tallia as she discovers the secrets of her past, embraces her newfound powers, and battles against the forces that seek to claim her throne.


425 pages