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The Confident Coach: Build a Business You Love, Attract Ideal Clients & Make a Lasting Impact

The Confident Coach: Build a Business You Love, Attract Ideal Clients & Make a Lasting Impact

by Melinda Cohan (Author)

With the rise in demand for coaches, there's never been a better time to start a new coaching business or expand an existing practice. But how do you continue to get powerful, consistent results for your clients while also feeling confident in running your business?

As the world around us continues to change more rapidly than ever, people are increasingly driven to learn how to take command of their futures. This shifting landscape has created a different kind of client, with new expectations and more emphasis on consistent results. Welcome to the results revolution, where coaches who sit around and wait as the industry evolves around them will find their businesses struggling to survive.

The traditional approach to the business of coaching often leaves coaches overwhelmed. But your coaching skills give you an untapped advantage in building and running your own business. Leveraging a coach approach will ensure your business thrives. This in-depth journey will teach you how to:

  • Reduce your overwhelm and boost your confidence as a coaching business owner
  • Authentically expand your business, help more people, and increase your income
  • Implement marketing strategies aligned with the business phase you're in, to attract your ideal clients
  • Support your clients before, during, after, and between sessions so they're empowered to get the best results from your packages and programs
  • Redefine your relationship with money and let go of fear around your pricing
  • Set up the back end of your business so it's streamlined and efficient (and does more of the work for you)
  • Resolve potential clients' objections gracefully by learning the ten vital elements of every enrollment conversation
  • Say goodbye to the perfectionism-procrastination cycle so you can implement new ideas without the stress and see quicker results

In her groundbreaking book, "The Confident Coach: Build a Business You Love, Attract Ideal Clients & Make a Lasting Impact," Melinda Cohan empowers aspiring and established coaches to unlock their full potential and create thriving businesses that align with their passions and values. Drawing from years of experience as a successful coach and business mentor, Cohan provides a comprehensive roadmap for building a coaching practice that not only generates income but also fulfills and inspires.

With a focus on practical strategies and actionable advice, "The Confident Coach" guides readers through every phase of building a successful coaching business. Cohan covers topics such as defining your niche, attracting ideal clients, establishing your authority as a coach, delivering high-quality coaching services, and overcoming common challenges. She also emphasizes the importance of mindset, resilience, and self-care for coaches who want to achieve lasting success.

Throughout the book, Cohan shares inspiring stories and case studies of successful coaches who have overcome obstacles and achieved remarkable results. These real-life examples serve as a testament to the power of Cohan's strategies and offer readers tangible inspiration for their own coaching journeys.

More than just a guide to starting a coaching business, "The Confident Coach" is an empowering resource for anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others while creating a fulfilling and profitable career. With warmth, wisdom, and a wealth of practical insights, Melinda Cohan equips readers with the tools and strategies they need to build a successful and sustainable coaching business that truly makes a lasting impact.


September 16, 2021