No One Knows Us Here: A Novel

by Rebecca Kelley (Author)

In this gripping novel about obsession, control, and self-preservation, a woman desperate to provide a new life for her sister enters a compromising arrangement with an entitled tech billionaire.Rosemary Rabourne is already struggling to pay the bills when her recently orphaned half sister, Wendy, shows up at her door. Rosemary will try anything to provide for the traumatized teenager—including offering her services as a high-end escort.Leo Glass is the billionaire CEO of a revolutionary social app. He wants the “girlfriend experience”—someone contractually obligated to love him—and he thinks hes found the perfect match in Rosemary. His proposition has its perks: a luxury apartment and financial security. And its conditions: constant surveillance and availability whenever Leo calls. Its not the life Rosemary wants, but shes out of options.Then she meets her new neighbor, Sam, a musician with whom Rosemary shares an immediate attraction and a genuine intimacy shes never felt with anyone. Falling in love makes it possible to imagine a real new life. But Leo wont let go of her that easily, and his need for control escalates. So does Rosemarys desperation—to protect Wendy, to protect herself, and, at any price, to escape.

Pages: 333

Language: English

Rating: Star image Star image Star image Star image