Luca: Friends-to-Lovers Dark Mafia Romance (Belles & Mobsters)

by Eva Winners (Author)

Luca King.The notorious playboy.A master of one night stands.My constant shadow.Wherever I went, he was always there. Until he wasnt. One wild night at a masquerade party was all it took. I got pregnant, broke my engagement, and failed my family.The worst part.I had no idea who the father of my baby was. I had only one clue. A Prince Albert piercing. Not exactly a smoking gun.My parents disowned me after I refused to marry the prospects they presented. It wasnt my fault I became gun shy. The last four men I met ended up dead. It was safer to have this baby on my own.Our world was a dangerous one. And without the protection of my family... I was running out of time.So it left me with no choice but to disappear, leaving no trace of where I went.That was until Luca King found me at my lowest.Maybe I should have tried harder to stay hidden because he would surely be my destruction.

Pages: 401

Language: English

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