Crazy Faith: It's Only Crazy Until It Happens

Crazy Faith: It's Only Crazy Until It Happens

by Michael Todd (Author)

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Relationship Goals . . . Will you be remembered as a person who claimed to follow God but liked to play it safe? Or as a person who lived your life out on the limb and trusted God enough to live in crazy faith? Noah looked crazy when he started building the ark . . . until it started raining. It was crazy for Moses to lead a nation of people into the desert away from Egypt . . . until the Red Sea parted. It was crazy to believe that a fourteen-year-old virgin would give birth to the Son of God . . . until Mary held Jesus in her arms. There are many things that seem normal or average today that at one point in time seemed absolutely crazy. Smartphones, Wi-Fi, and even the electric light bulb were all groundbreaking, history-making inventions that started out as crazy ideas. Our see-it-to-believe-it generation tends to have a hard time exercising true faith—one that steps out, takes action, and sees mountain-moving results. Many of us would rather play it safe and stand on the sidelines, but it’s crazy faith that helps us see God move and reveals His promises. In Crazy Faith, Pastor Michael Todd shows us how to step out in faith and dive into the purposeful life of trusting God for the impossible. Even if you have to start with baby faith or maybe faith, you can become empowered to let go of your lazy faith, trust God through your hazy faith, and learn to live a lifestyle of crazy faith. With powerful stories of modern-day faith warriors who take their cues from biblical heroes, Michael Todd equips you to • believe for the impossible• choose hope over fear• be alert to the voice of God• cope with loss and doubt• develop a deeper level of trust in God• speak faith-filled declarations• inspire crazy faith in others God’s not looking for somebody to give Him all the reasons why His plans can’t happen. He’s looking for somebody to believe they will happen. In fact, He has so much He wants to do through you. The question is, Are you crazy enough to believe it?

In the captivating book "Crazy Faith: It's Only Crazy Until It Happens," Michael Todd delivers a thought-provoking exploration of what it means to have unwavering faith in the face of life's challenges and uncertainties. With captivating storytelling and personal anecdotes, Todd embarks on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, inspiring readers to embrace the power of faith and its transformative impact on their lives.

As Todd delves into the depths of his own spiritual journey, he unravels the misconceptions and societal norms that often hinder individuals from fully embracing their faith. He challenges readers to break free from the limitations imposed by fear and doubt, urging them to step into the realm of audacious faith that knows no bounds.

With a blend of humor, vulnerability, and profound wisdom, Todd unveils the transformative power of faith. He weaves together personal experiences, biblical teachings, and practical tools to equip readers with the necessary mindset and strategies to cultivate a life marked by unwavering belief. Todd emphasizes the importance of taking risks, stepping outside of one's comfort zone, and embracing the unknown with a heart full of faith.

"Crazy Faith" is more than just a book; it's an invitation to embark on a life-changing adventure. Michael Todd masterfully guides readers through a process of self-discovery, helping them uncover their true potential and break through the barriers that have held them back. With each page, readers are empowered to embrace the extraordinary, chase their dreams, and experience the boundless possibilities that faith can unlock.

Whether you're seeking spiritual growth, personal transformation, or simply a fresh perspective on the nature of faith, "Crazy Faith" offers a profound and inspiring journey that will leave a lasting impact. Join Michael Todd as he challenges you to embrace the power of faith and discover the incredible adventures that await those who dare to live with unwavering belief.


240 pages