Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life

by Jordan B. Peterson (Author)

The companion volume to 12 Rules for Life offers further guidance on the perilous path of modern life.  In 12 Rules for Life, clinical psychologist and celebrated professor at Harvard and the University of Toronto Dr. Jordan B. Peterson helped millions of readers impose order on the chaos of their lives. Now, in this bold sequel, Peterson delivers twelve more lifesaving principles for resisting the exhausting toll that our desire to order the world inevitably takes. In a time when the human will increasingly imposes itself over every sphere of life—from our social structures to our emotional states—Peterson warns that too much security is dangerous. What’s more, he offers strategies for overcoming the cultural, scientific, and psychological forces causing us to tend toward tyranny, and teaches us how to rely instead on our instinct to find meaning and purpose, even—and especially—when we find ourselves powerless. While chaos, in excess, threatens us with instability and anxiety, unchecked order can petrify us into submission. Beyond Order provides a call to balance these two fundamental principles of reality itself, and guides us along the straight and narrow path that divides them.  

Embark on an Intellectual Journey with "Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life" by Jordan B. Peterson:

In the sequel to his groundbreaking bestseller "12 Rules for Life," Jordan B. Peterson offers 12 more principles for living a meaningful and fulfilling life in an increasingly chaotic world. Drawing on mythology, philosophy, and psychology, Peterson delves into timeless wisdom and modern dilemmas, helping readers navigate the complexities of the human condition.

With his characteristic wit and erudition, Peterson tackles a diverse range of topics, from the power of truth to the importance of personal responsibility. He explores the nature of evil, the fragility of freedom, and the essential role of courage in a world that often feels out of control.

"Beyond Order" is not just a collection of rules; it's a profound exploration of the human condition. Peterson challenges readers to think critically, question their assumptions, and embrace the responsibility of making their own choices. He argues that true freedom comes from accepting the weight of our own existence and striving for meaning and purpose in a chaotic world.

This book is a must-read for anyone seeking guidance and inspiration in these uncertain times. With his unique blend of intellectual curiosity and compassion, Peterson offers a roadmap for navigating the challenges of life and finding a path to personal fulfillment.

Delve into the depths of "Beyond Order" and discover the transformative power of Peterson's wisdom. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and personal growth as you explore the 12 rules that can help you transcend the chaos and find meaning in the midst of uncertainty.


March 2, 2021