The Art of Shantae

The Art of Shantae

by WayForward (Author)

Shantae! She’s the half-genie, belly-dancing, hair-whipping hero of her very own platforming video game franchise from WayForward Technologies! The Art of Shantae collects the fantastic artwork behind all five games in the Shantae series. Included are key artwork, rough concepts, style explorations, creature and environment designs, and much more! Follow the creative development of Risky Boots, Rottytops, Sky, Bolo, and the titular heroine herself, in this fantastic hardcover celebration of Shantae!

Embark on an enchanting journey through the captivating world of Shantae in "The Art of Shantae" by WayForward. This visual masterpiece showcases the vibrant artistry and meticulous details that bring the iconic Shantae games to life. Immerse yourself in the creative process, exploring the evolution of characters, environments, and the game's unique visual style.

Delve into the minds of the talented artists and designers who have contributed to the Shantae franchise over the years. Discover the inspiration behind the character designs, the intricate backgrounds, and the captivating animations that have made Shantae a beloved series among gamers. With stunning artwork and insightful commentary, "The Art of Shantae" offers a comprehensive look at the artistic vision behind this beloved platforming franchise.

Experience the world of Shantae like never before with "The Art of Shantae." Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, this book is an essential companion that will enrich your understanding and appreciation for the creative artistry behind the Shantae games.

Key Features:

  • Lavish Artwork: Revel in a vast collection of stunning concept art, character designs, environmental paintings, and more, showcasing the intricate details and vibrant colors that define the Shantae universe.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain exclusive insights into the creative process from the talented artists and designers who have brought the Shantae games to life, delving into their inspirations and techniques.
  • Evolution of the Franchise: Witness the evolution of the Shantae franchise through the years, tracing the artistic journey from the original game to the latest installments, highlighting the changes and refinements that have shaped the series.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Look: Explore the behind-the-scenes secrets of the Shantae games, uncovering the challenges, triumphs, and creative decisions that went into making these beloved platformers a reality.
  • Perfect Collectible: "The Art of Shantae" is a must-have collectible for fans of the series, offering a tangible piece of the Shantae legacy that can be cherished for years to come.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Shantae with "The Art of Shantae," a celebration of the artistic brilliance behind this beloved platforming franchise.


224 pages