The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood

by Helen Bryan (Author)

Menina Walker was a child of fortune. Rescued after a hurricane in South America, doomed to a life of poverty with a swallow medal as her only legacy, the orphaned toddler was adopted by an American family and taken to a new life.As a beautiful, intelligent woman of nineteen, she is in love, engaged, and excited about the future—until another traumatic event shatters her dreams. Menina flees to Spain to bury her misery in research for her college thesis about a sixteenth-century artist who signed his works with the image of a swallow—the same image as the one on Meninas medal.But a mugging strands Menina in a musty, isolated Spanish convent. Exploring her surroundings, she discovers the epic sagas of five orphan girls who were hidden from the Spanish Inquisition and received help escaping to the New World. Is Meninas medal a link to them, or to her own past? Did coincidence lead her to the convent, or fate?Both love story and historical thriller, The Sisterhood is an emotionally charged ride across continents and centuries.

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In the heart of 1960s London, four young women from diverse backgrounds find themselves drawn together by a shared secret: they are all pregnant and unmarried. Cast out by their families and society, they seek solace and support in each other, forming an unbreakable bond that will shape their lives forever.

As the years pass, the women face the challenges of motherhood, love, and loss together. They navigate the tumultuous social and political landscape of the 1960s and 1970s, fighting for their rights and identities in a world that often seeks to silence them.

"The Sisterhood" is a poignant and thought-provoking story that explores the complexities of female friendship, the resilience of the human spirit, and the power of unity in the face of adversity. Through the eyes of these four women, readers are granted an intimate glimpse into the lives of those often marginalized by society.

Dive into the pages of "The Sisterhood" and be captivated by the strength, courage, and resilience of these extraordinary women. Join their journey as they navigate the challenges of life, love, and motherhood, and discover the transformative power of sisterhood.

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