The Premonition: A Pandemic Story

The Premonition: A Pandemic Story

by Michael Lewis (Author)

For those who could read between the lines, the censored news out of China was terrifying. But the president insisted there was nothing to worry about.

Fortunately, we are still a nation of skeptics. Fortunately, there are those among us who study pandemics and are willing to look unflinchingly at worst-case scenarios. Michael Lewis’ taut and brilliant nonfiction thriller pits a band of medical visionaries against the wall of ignorance that was the official response of the Trump administration to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The characters you will meet in this audiobook are as fascinating as they are unexpected. A 13-year-old girl’s science project on transmission of an airborne pathogen develops into a very grown-up model of disease control. A local public-health officer uses her worm’s-eye view to see what the CDC misses and reveals great truths about American society. A secret team of dissenting doctors, nicknamed the Wolverines, has everything necessary to fight the pandemic: brilliant backgrounds, world-class labs, prior experience with the pandemic scares of bird flu and swine flu...everything, that is, except official permission to implement their work.

Michael Lewis is not shy about calling these people heroes for their refusal to follow directives that they know to be based on misinformation and bad science. Even the internet, as crucial as it is to their exchange of ideas, poses a risk to them. They never know for sure who else might be listening in.

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Unveiling "The Premonition: A Pandemic Story" by Michael Lewis

In his gripping nonfiction book "The Premonition: A Pandemic Story," Michael Lewis delves into the riveting tale of a group of scientists and public health experts who foresaw the impending COVID-19 pandemic and attempted to sound the alarm.

The book introduces readers to key figures like Dr. Charity Dean, a California epidemiologist who persistently warned of the looming threat, and Dr. Carter Mecher, the head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) hospital preparedness division, who faced immense challenges in mobilizing a response.

Lewis vividly recounts the early days of the pandemic, highlighting the uncertainty, misinformation, and political turmoil that characterized the initial response. He explores the tension between public health experts urging caution and government officials eager to reopen the economy.

The book also delves into the personal lives of these dedicated individuals, shedding light on the sacrifices they made, the challenges they faced, and the emotional toll the pandemic took on them and their families.

"The Premonition" serves as a compelling reminder of the importance of scientific expertise, effective communication, and timely action in the face of global health crises. It is a story of resilience, perseverance, and the unwavering commitment of those who risked everything to protect public health.

Key Themes Explored in the Book:

  • The vital role of scientific expertise and data-driven decision-making in public health crises.
  • The challenges of communicating complex scientific information to the public and policymakers.
  • The importance of cooperation and collaboration among various stakeholders in addressing global health threats.
  • The personal sacrifices made by healthcare workers and public health officials during the pandemic.
  • The need for preparedness and proactive planning to mitigate the impact of future pandemics.

Critical Acclaim for "The Premonition":

  • "A gripping account of the early days of the pandemic...Lewis is a master storyteller who brings the human dimensions of this crisis into sharp focus."—The New York Times
  • "A sobering reminder of the importance of scientific expertise and the challenges of navigating a global health crisis."—The Washington Post
  • "A must-read for anyone who wants to understand the origins and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic."—NPR


May 04, 2021