Wititudes 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar: Here's to Another Day of Outward Smiles and Inward Screams

Wititudes 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar: Here's to Another Day of Outward Smiles and Inward Screams

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Welcome to Wititudes, the Internet’s favorite source for witty quips and snappy snark with a retro art style.Add a daily dose of wit to your day with the perfect one-liner to perk you up and make you smile. Each daily page of this all-new calendar features a hilarious and relatable wisecrack on everything from work and aging to friendship and money. You’ll find sidesplitting sarcasm and comical quotes that will keep you laughing all year long.Features include:
  • Day/date reference on each tear-off page
  • Official major world holidays
  • Recyclable non-plastic backer for desk or tabletop display
  • Printed on FSC-certified paper with soy-based ink

Embrace the Absurdity of Life with "Wititudes 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar"

In a world where chaos often reigns supreme, laughter can be our saving grace. The "Wititudes 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar" is a hilarious collection of witticisms, puns, and observations that will bring a smile to your face, even on the most challenging days.

Each page of this delightful calendar features a witty saying or joke that perfectly captures the absurdity of everyday life. From hilarious takes on modern technology to clever twists on classic proverbs, "Wititudes" offers a fresh perspective on the world around us.

Whether you're looking for a daily dose of humor to brighten your day or a thoughtful gift for a friend who appreciates a good laugh, the "Wititudes 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar" is the perfect choice. With its compact size and eye-catching design, it's a charming addition to any desk or countertop.

Key Features:

  • 365 days of witty sayings, puns, and humor
  • High-quality paper and durable construction
  • Compact size for easy display
  • Makes a perfect gift for friends and family

Start Each Day with a Smile:

With its clever quips and witty observations, the "Wititudes 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar" is the perfect way to inject some humor into your daily routine. Begin each day with a chuckle, and let the absurdity of life become a source of joy and laughter.

Order Your Copy Today:

Don't miss out on the chance to own this hilarious and heartwarming calendar. Order your copy of the "Wititudes 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar" today and start enjoying a year filled with laughter and smiles.


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